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Dive deep under the hood of NodeJS. Learn V8, Express, the MEAN stack, core Javascript concepts, and more.

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NodeJS is a rapidy growing web server technology, and Node developers are among the highest paid in the industry. Knowing NodeJS well will get you a job or improve your current one by enabling you to build high quality, robust web applications.

In this course you will gain a deep understanding of Node, learn how NodeJS works under the hood, and how that knowledge helps you avoid common pitfalls and drastically improve your ability to debug problems.


PHP is considered an appropriate paradigm of imperative, object-oriented, functional, reflective, and procedural characteristics.


Hapi is a powerful and robust framework that is used for developing APIs. The well-developed plugin system and various key features such as input validation, logging and more makes the Hapi one of the most preferred frameworks.


A large community backs this framework, therefore it has the advantage of continuous updates and reforms of all the core features. This is a minimalist framework that is used to build a number of mobile applications and APIs.

This futuristic framework is used to make the process of writing web applications and REST apis more enjoyable. It is basically an expressive middleware for Node.js that uses generators. The limited use of callbacks makes the generators a more effective.


Derby’s Racer, a real-time data synchronization engine for Node.js allows multi-site, data synchronization across clients and servers. The racer optimizes conflict resolution and allows real time editing of the application by leveraging the ShareJS.


The framework has gained traction through the development of chat applications, dashboards and multi player games. It is most famous for building data-driven APIs. It uses waterline for object related mapping and db solutions.


Total.js is a modern and modular Node.js supporting the MVC architecture. Angular.js, Bootstrap and more client-side frameworks are fully compatible with this framework. This framework is totally extensible and asynchronous.

Tools for Node.js Developers


It is a highly robust and revolutionary CSS language that is power-packed with smart features, and built for framework.

Express js

It is the most important tools for Node.js and is most effective for creating a host of mobile and web applications.

Nightwatch js

It is a user-friendly end-to-end Node.js based testing solution that is best for browser-based applications and websites.

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