Apache Solr Development

Apache Solr development

Apache Solr is a fast open-source Java search server

Apache Solr is a user-friendly search engine that comes from the Lucene project. The entire Lucene framework is built on the Java programming language.

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It is worth pointing out that Solr is not a general purpose in-memory NoSQL engine.
  • The data you need to analyze is already stored in Apache Hadoop.
  • You can easily define a schema for the data to be indexed.
  • Your use case requires very fast query response times.

Apache Solr is a user-friendly search engine that comes from the Lucene project. The entire Lucene framework is built on the Java programming language.

Apache Solr is a user-friendly search engine that is offered by the Lucene project. Some of the features of this search engine include distributed search, load balancing, automated failover and recovery.


Elasticsearch allows you to specify the query analyzer chain, which is comprised of a sequence of analyzers or tokenizers on a per-document or per-query basis....

Schemaless Mode

Schemaless Mode is a set of Solr features that, when we used together, allow users to rapidly construct an effective schema by simply indexing sample data, without having to manually edit.

Replication Modes

The SolrCloud model for replicas has been to allow any replica to become a leader when a leader is lost. This is highly effective for most users, providing reliable failover in case of issues in the cluster.


This is the default. A NRT replica (NRT = NearRealTime) maintains a transaction log and writes new documents to it’s indexes locally. Any replica of this type is eligible to become a leader supported by Solr.


This type of replica maintains a transaction log but does not index document changes locally. This type helps speed up indexing since no commits need to occur in the replicas from the leader.


This type of replica does not maintain a transaction log nor index document changes locally. It only replicates the index from the shard leader. It is not eligible to become a shard leader election at all.


Solr autoscaling is a new suite of features in Solr to make managing a SolrCloud cluster easier and more automated. When determining where to place new shards and replicas created with various Collections .


Apache Solr is a powerful tool with tremendous search capability. In order to search a document, it performs following operations in sequence:


First of all, it converts the documents into a machine-readable format which is called Indexing.


Understanding the terms of a query asked by the user. These terms can be images, keywords, and much more.


Solr maps the user query to the documents stored in the database to find the appropriate result.


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